This guide instructs you to link a booking widget to the 'Contact Us' call to action button on Facebook, and how to add the widget URL to your Instagram bio.

If you are adding a link to both your Facebook and Instagram, you will need to set up 2 new widgets for each channel.

This will mean that anyone that makes a reservation specifically from these widgets will be tagged with the channel of Facebook/Instagram and means you can quickly quantify where your bookings are coming from. 

If you already have social media widgets set up, skip to step 2.


1) Build a channel widget

To create a social media channel widget, repeat the following process for FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM

Promote - Online Facilities - Widget Configurator - Create New Theme - make sure the channel is set to FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM.

Please see a full guide here on how you can customise your widget style/branding - Widget Configurator | Build a custom widget

2) Locate the widget URL

Promote - Online Facilities - Widget Configurator - Select 'Get Embed Code' - 

- Select a widget style 

- Highlight the widget URL (see below)
- Copy the widget URL 

See example below:

2a) Add Facebook widget to Facebook page


- Log in to the Facebook admin page

- Go add an action button to your page:

2b) Add button

The call to action button will either say + Add a Button or Edit - select the button to choose one of the options


2c) Choose ‘Contact Us’ as your call to action and paste the destination URL that you’ve already copied from step one (the Facebook widget URL) and then follow the on-screen instructions.

3) Add Instagram widget to Instagram page

When adding a widget URL to Instagram we recommend converting the URL to a shortened version - use

  • Go to your Instagram profile by tapping
  • Tap Edit Profile at the top of the screen
  • In the 'Website' field, add URL
  • Tap Done (iPhone) or (Android)

The widget URL will appear in your bio -