To activate the ResDiary Facebook & Instagram integration, and to take bookings via your social media business pages, you must have the following set up in advance, for each venue you want to set up:

  • A Facebook/Meta business Suite account, and at least one social network - a Facebook business page, or Instagram business page. 
  • The user adding the button must be either the owner or set up as an admin of the Facebook/Meta Business suite account.
  • The user must also be set up as an admin for the Facebook and Instagram pages that are being updated. If 'not eligible' is shown at any stage, please check your Facebook admin rights.
  • The Instagram page must be connected to the Facebook/Meta Business Suite account
  • The user must have 'Facebook Integration' enabled in their ResDiary user setup. Go to Settings > User Management > User
  • A Facebook tracking pixel
  • A valid listing on - complete with a description, opening Information, restaurant website, location (Longitude/ Latitude), and a restaurant thumbnail Image.  Click here on how you can edit your Dishcult listing.

If you are experiencing any issues whilst adding the integration to your account it is most likely an issue with user admin rights. 

Listed below are the most common issues.

  • The Facebook/Instagram setting is greyed out and un-clickable?

This occurs when the ResDiary user does not have the 'Facebook Integration' setting enabled in ResDiary User Management section. 

To enable access click on:

Settings > User Management > Users > Setup > Menu Items > Select 'Facebook Integration' > Save

  • Request Permission from the admin of <Meta Business Manager> account 


The user may be set up with access to the Meta Business Manager account as an employee but is not an admin

The user may be an admin of the Facebook/Instagram page, but they must also be an admin of the Business Manager account to add the integration. 

Please ask the owner of the Facebook/Meta Business Manager account to update your access.

  • 'Not Eligible' is shown during the integration process

The person logged in to Facebook does not have full admin rights to manage the page they are updating

  • 'Unable to access the specified venue'

The Facebook page of the diary you have selected, is not listed as an asset belonging to the Meta Business account you are using. To claim the page, go to:

Meta Business account settings > Business Assets > Pages > Add Assets

How to check your Meta Business Suite admin rights

  • Go to the Meta Business Suite

  • Go to the Business Account settings

  • Go to 'People'. 

Your business account access should be 'Business Admin'

If your business account access is set to 'Employee', ask a 'Business Admin' to update your settings.

  • Select your name, and check you have full control of the Facebook or Instagram page you are trying to enable the integration for under assigned assets.