This guide will show you how to edit up your notification branding for all emails sent out from your diary.

When editing your notification branding please take your time to make sure you are happy with the image and colours as the notification branding setting is a free one-time setup - once you have saved it the only way to make changes is to contact the Support Team (charges may apply). 

This notification branding will apply to all your notification emails sent our from your diary - The Confirmation, Reminder, Cancellation, Post Booking, Standby List, W8list and Payment landing page emails. 

1. Firstly, please make sure you are happy with your logo image that will appear at the top of your notification emails.

Please ensure the image is of good quality and the correct size. 

To upload your logo image please go to:

> Settings 

> Venue 

> Images 

> Add 

> Choose File

 > Create

2. To now access your Notification Branding please go to:

> Settings

> Venue 

> Notifications

> Email Branding 

> This will open up where you can edit your branding colours for all your notification emails - be mindful of not making the Title text Colour, Content text colour, Padding and Text link colours the same colour as the background otherwise they will be invisible

> Once you are happy with these colours please click Save at the bottom right of the screen

Please be aware that once you save your changes, these changes are final.

Any further design changes will be chargeable.