What is Dish Cult Rewards?

Dish Cult Rewards is our brand new loyalty program that will reward diners for dining out at participating venues. They just need to download the Dish Cult app, securely link their credit or debit card, use that same card to pay for the bill at participating venues and watch those points roll in! 

Once the diner has enough points, they will get a voucher to spend at participating venues.

Click here to view our introductory video. 

We’ll be rolling Dish Cult Rewards out across the UK – the first city to get a taste of Dish Cult Rewards will be London.

To register your interest please click here and we will be in touch.

How do I join Dish Cult Rewards?

If you are a ResDiary customer and pay through direct debit or card on file and your venue is in a city we have launched Dish Cult Rewards in, then all you need to do is follow this step:  

In your Diary, go to Promote then scroll down and click on the Dish Cult Rewards section, then follow the steps. Initally this option will only be available to selected ResDiary Customers in London.

If you are in an eligible city, but pay through manual invoice, we will get in touch with you to setup a card on file in order to enroll you onto Dish Cult Rewards.

Where is Dish Cult Rewards available?

Dish Cult Rewards is currently available in the United Kingdom. 

We’ll be rolling Dish Cult Rewards out across the UK – the first city to get a taste of Dish Cult Rewards will be London.  We will be launching this across several cities in the near future.

Click here to register your interest and we will keep you posted as to when we will be launching in your region.

I own/manage a restaurant and would like to take part in Dish Cult Rewards. How should I proceed?

If you want your restaurant to be part of Dish Cult Rewards, please contact us on sales@resdiary.com

 How much does it cost to join Dish Cult Rewards?

It’s free to join! There is only a 10% participation fee per transaction apply (+vat). 

How do you identify transactions that are eligible for the 10% participation fee?

Dish Cult Rewards Diners will link credit or debit cards to their account, and when they use that same card to pay for the bill at participating venues we capture the total transaction and apply the 10% participation fee (+vat). 

All restaurants will be billed at the end of the month in arrears.

What’s all included in the 10% fee?

This is the full transaction (including gratuity, shop sales etc). VAT will also be added. 

How do I find my Merchant ID?

You can find out more in this solution.

I cannot find my Merchant ID, what should I do?

You can find out more in this solution.

What happens if I change my Merchant ID?

You can edit your merchant ID at any time through the Dish Cult Rewards Dashboard, in your diary.

Are all card machines supported?

Our partner Fidel API is integrated at the Card Networks level. Their technology operates on matching the Business Name, Address and MIDs and not specific to card machines. All Brands/Merchants whom wants to take card payments, are issued with a MID - provided the MIDs are unique and correct, they can be onboarded to the Dish Cult Rewards programme and tracked. Provided the card payment/transaction is then successful and comes through the Card Networks, then this will be passed on to Fidel and onto Dish Cult.

How are diner rewards redeemed at my restaurant?

Diners will have to make a booking through the diary to redeem rewards and apply the reward to the booking. The restaurant will confirm the table was seated in the diary and manually adjust the bill to the value of the reward (£10), and Dish Cult Rewards will automatically reimburse the amount in the preceeding billable period.

How do I know a diner or booking is part of the Dish Cult Rewards scheme?

If the diner has booked through Dish Cult, then the restaurants will see this identified in the diner and booking details within the diary. 

If the diner is walk-in, then the restaurant will not know the diner is part of the scheme. 

Can I cancel Dish Cult Rewards whenever I like? / How do I leave Dish Cult Rewards?

If you no longer wish to participate in Dish Cult Rewards program as a venue, you will need to get in contact our customer support team via support@resdiary.com to request cancellation. As per the T&C’s there will be a 30 day cancellation period.

Can I turn off Dish Cult Rewards (Earn or Redeem) for specific periods of times (e.g. Christmas Day)?

Venues can only cancel in line with the agreed cancellation period, which unfortunately means venues will not be able to opt out of the period for specific days, weeks or any other specified time period.