Dish Cult Rewards is a points based loyalty program fully integrated with the ResDiary booking system.

Looking to attract new diners? And drive up repeat customer visits? All without pushing expensive promotional offers which could dilute your offering, such as discounting meals?

You’ll love Dish Cult Rewards! A point-based and merchant-funded loyalty programme, Dish Cult Rewards incentivises diners to use Dish Cult to discover, book and dine at participating restaurants, rewarding them for their repeat purchase behaviour.

As a participating venue you can expect new and increased repeat visits by hungry Dish Cult diners looking to earn points and redeem their money off rewards.

Why it's great for Restaurants

Attract new diners: Exclusive exposure to Dish Cult’s 300k email subscribers and 2.7 million account members in the UK through events, offers, editorial.

Drive repeat visits: Dish Cult Rewards offers an in-built incentive proposition without the need to add content and drive repeat visits without the need for discounted offers which could dilute your offering.

Increase Revenue: With Dish Cult Rewards you can reduce your marketing costs and maximise your profit by incentivize repeat visits without impacting your bottom line.