Promote - Vouchers 

Once a guest uses their voucher, you must redeem it to make sure they cannot use the same voucher again.

This can be done by adding the voucher reference code to the the payments screen on the internal booking process where the booking has an outstanding payment/ deposit on the booking. 

This can also be done by going to promote > vouchers > search voucher references. > enter the voucher reference number > search and from there you can redeem/extend or resend a voucher. Please see below;

To redeem vouchers directly on a booking

Firstly make sure you have the ResDiary Voucher payment method enabled by going to

  • Settings 
  • New booking process payment settings 
  • Click on the red toggle next to 'ResDiary Voucher' to enable that payment method

  • Video below on how to redeem a voucher on a booking:

To redeem vouchers from your voucher section 

  • Promote
  • Search Voucher References.

  • Add the voucher reference number you would like to redeem and click on search

  • From there click on redeem

Note: if you try and redeem a voucher that has already been redeemed, the redeem/extend or resend voucher option will not show and you will see when this voucher was previously redeemed and which user actioned it.

To Extend/Cancel or Resend a voucher please click here 

Note: - If there is a booking that has used a voucher to redeem at the time of booking and the customer cancels the booking.  If the customer books again and tries to redeem the voucher again it will show like the below due to the voucher already being attached to a booking that was cancelled. So no options to redeem/cancel/extend and resend voucher or a note on who and when it was redeemed.