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When you are setting up promotions there is the option to add a cut off time - This is very helpful when you would like to stop guests booking the promotion a certain number of hours in advance. 

An important thing to note when you do use a cut off time is that if there are no other promotions bookable in your diary, when this promotion is not available, Standard Availability will be visible and available to be booked.

To show you how this works as normal please see the below example. Here we have one promotion active for "Afternoon Tea" with a cut off time of 24hours, which means that the promotion will only be bookable up to 24hours ahead of the bookable time:

When the Promotion's cut off time is activated, the promotion will no longer show as we can see below. We're searching for availability for Tomorrow when the time is currently 12:00.

Due to it currently being 12:00, the 12:00 slot tomorrow for Afternoon Tea is no longer a part of that promotion, yet it is still bookable under Standard Availability:

It's exactly the same when we try to book for today:


If you would prefer not to have Standard Availability to be available to book please ask the Support Team to help you to add a blocker by emailing