Our IOS manager app is now available to download from the app store on IOS mobile devices. This is the first iteration of the app. 

Key points to note: 

  • Only users with an Iphone are permitted to download this app. 
  • Minimum supported Operating System: Using iOS 13.0 or later. 
  • A strong and stable internet and wifi connectivity is needed to access the app. 
  • This app is only available in English at the moment. 
  • Users set up in a diary as ''read only'' (ie, they have no permission to do anything but view reservations) will not be able to log in to the app. Please speak to your superiors internally should you require additional permissions to access this application.
    For ease, please see a guide on how to create new, or edit existing users here. 
  • Users with permission to override rules in the booking process will continue to be able to do so via the application. 
  • For any new users, you will first need to log in to the main diary via your browser to validate your login before you will be able to access the IOS app. You can login via the main application by clicking here. 
  • This works for both ResDiary and ResDiary Lite customers. 

Core functionality via the app:

  • View upcoming bookings for a date 
  • Covers overview 
  • Create a new booking 
  • Edit booking details
  • Cancel booking
  • Seat booking
  • Re-assign the table a booking has been allocated to
  • Apply and manage close-outs 

To see a quick overview of the application, please watch the below video

To learn how to make, edit, and cancel a booking via the application, please watch the below video: 


To learn how to set, apply, edit and cancel a close out via the application, please watch the below video:

Spotted an issue or want to leave feedback? 

Simply take a screenshot whilst in the app, and the below menu will display: