We advise creating multiple users in your diary with various access levels to allow you to track who made what and who changed what. 

Only one email address can be attached to any one user, an email address cannot be used twice.

Username must be real addresses.

How to create a new user - user management

To create a new user go to settings - security and user permissions - user management - users - create user:

Complete first name and surname fields, complete new password and confirm new password fields, enter a mobile number (this is not a mandatory field), select the user group access level** you want this user to have and select the diary the user is to have access to.

**There are 4 group access levels already created in the diary, click on each one to view in detail:

You can also create your own level of group access in settings - security and user permissions - user management - groups.

How to change the group the user belongs to and permissions:

Go to settings - security and user permissions - user management - users, you will find a list of all of your current users. 

Click the blue 'setup' button next to the user in question to change their permissions. 

Simply tick a permission to award this functionality to this user or untick a permission to revoke access to a given feature.

Just be sure to press save at the bottom of the page to save your changes. 

Alternatively, if you click the edit icon next to a user, you can add this user to a new group level of permission. 


Remember and press save when you have completed your desired changes. 

Once a user refreshes their screen or logs out and back into the system, they will be able to see the changes in their access level.