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Web Site Booking Widget Select Area

We only allow Dogs in our Bar.

At the moment the only way the booking widget can deal with this is to set up promotions

These promotions are then added to the Booking notes which in our case we do not want to see in the running order

Im sure their must be other restaurants that have areas where dogs are allowed ? Maybe they re also using the promotion option but its a bit of a pain ?


Hi Sandy, 

Thanks for getting in touch.

We do indeed have more than a few customers who have a dog friendly policy yet set aside areas where dogs are not allowed.

One way in which this can be handled without having to implement promotions that prompt the customer to specify if they have a dog or not is to add the 'Area' drop-down menu to your booking widget.

As the title of you areas is added then you can simply enable the drop-down and rename the area to include e.g. Restaurant (No Dogs) and Bar ( Dogs welcome)

To make the change, go to the 'Widget Configurator' option in your diary and from the 'Booking Summary' section enable the check box 'Allow the diner to specify an area when making a booking' and click 'Continue' (see screenshots below)

Secondly, go to 'Settings' > 'Areas' and click 'Edit' to change the name of the area.

The changes will automatically update on your website.

If you think these will be suitable then it would then be possible to disable the promotions that you have.

Kind regards,


Hello, has something changed with the area select? It's just not appearing on the microsite, so we had to start using promotions instead as the topic starter which completely broke our Google reservation link 

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