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On the portal if a customer searches for a date it always defaults to 6pm.

We run a lot of Afternoon Tea offers and the customer will need to change this to an afternoon time to see our options.

Would it be possible to show the closest available time slots on the day instead of evening time slots or no availability?



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Hi Toni,

Thanks for your feedback on the Deals.Resdiary page.

I can see that although you have availability at 6pm, this isn't the service being channelled for the special offer.

Unfortunately, the default on the ResDiary portal is Universal for all customers being the most commonly searched time.

The only alternative means we have for 6pm to not be the default was if you had a separate diary for Afternoon Teas where 6pm wasn't bookable on any date.

If you would like to enquire about this option then you can let us know and we can provide further information.

Kind regards,


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