Want to turn your restaurant operations into food collection, or a delivery service, boosted by online orders? If yes then Order and Pay by ResDiary could be the solution for you.

Our pre-order app was originally designed to create a smooth pre-ordering system for restaurant bookings, but it can also be used with online ordering. Read our simple guide and learn how.

How does it work?

  1. Customers will begin the process by making a booking on your widget. They will then be asked for card details, or a deposit, to complete the booking. Here is an example of how you can update your website to tell your customers that you will be only accepting food collection or delivery ‘bookings’.

  1. The customer is sent an email with a pre-order link to make their choices.

  1. Once the customer submits their order, their booking is updated automatically.

Click here to see what the ordering process will look like from a customers view

  1. You charge the stored card for the total amount for their order

  1. Track online orders. Click here to view how to use the Pre Order Report

So how do you get signed up? 

Sign up to Pre Orders by clicking here
The monthly fees for this will be waived until June 2020, we will make this adjustment for you once you sign up.

So how do you get set up? 

  1. Build You Online Order Menu

- Dietary Markers and Cooking Modifiers (do this step first before creating your menu!)

             - Create and Edit your Menu Items

             - Creating your Menus

Pro Tips: 

  • When building your menu you can create different styles - choose from, set menu or a la carte. 

  • Make sure you set your menus to bulk order only( you don’t need to know that Katie wants a burger and Dave wants fish and chips…). 

  • Only use the cut off time if you are taking advance orders. 

  • More than one restaurant but using the same menu? You can create one menu and share the same menu across your restaurants.

  1. Set Up Your Stripe Account(if you do not already have one)

  1. Set Up Promotions. Using promotions, set up your online booking widget to send out pre order menus to take away ‘bookings’. 

  • Setting up to accept both delivery or takeaway options? Use two promotion options:

  1. Update Online Availability. Do your normal operating hours apply or are you reducing your 


  • Check All Email Correspondence. As all notification emails are designed for restaurant bookings, some changes may be required to apply. Here is a checklist:

  • Confirmation email / Reminder / Post Dining Depending on how you are currently operating, they can be temporarily switched off/amended so only correspondence relating to pre orders is sent

  • Pre Order emails Are you operating as take away or delivering? You might want to amend the text in these emails to suit your venue. The emails that are send are Pre Order Required, Pre Order Required Reminder(optional), Pre Order Submitted. 


(These are just examples and may change depending on how you are operating)

  1. Update Your Website. If you are not able to update your website, you can use the description field when setting up your ‘promotion’ to communicate to customers that you will only be offering online orders, collection / delivery service