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Management email notifications for bookings with comments


It would be super useful would be the ability to have an email notification sent to a number of designated email addresses whenever someone makes a reservation using the RD widget and the guest adds comments in the comments box.  It would mean that the restaurants gets immediate notification of any dietary requirements, disability access needs or questions.
An addition to that would also be the option to have a notification email also sent for any guests who book and there are guest comments on their profile for the same reason - ie. repeating vegetarians etc.

Finally how about notification emails for people who book a designated promo.  Set it up in the Promo admin page.  Tick box ‘notify restaurant when this promo is booked’.  Again send to restaurant notification emails as setup in an admin panel that would cater to all the needs above.  Purpose so that if someone books a promo that needs special preparation from the restaurant they know the second it is booked rather than when they come across the reservation on the day or by having to run a report.


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In general it would be helpful to have a lot more control over notifications by email (refined by channel/covers/time etc.) as well as comments.


Quick update on this request.

We are getting a lot of customers asking us to help them better manage their reservations by delivering email notifications of diary events or booking/enquiries made.

As it seems that the preferred method of the alert is email, we are designing updated version of the templates we have to include/highlight important information.

Another development would to deliver management alerts on a conditional basis e.g. if a comment is added or a promotion booked.

We do already have a party size option though, so if you are wanting to send emails based on cover size then you can go to 'Notification Settings' and follow the guide below;

Management notifications guide

I will provide further updates on this development via this forum topic and if anyone has any further feedback in the meantime, please feel free to add your comments.

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For us it would have helped a lot with a simple email notification whenever somebody books themselves in and leaves a comment on their booking. We have no need for a notification every time somebody books themselves in, we're simply in need of a notification of the comment they have made.

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I absolutely agree with Lovisa Hillberg:  we're simply in need of a notification of the comment they have made

Has anything come of this yet?

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