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Stripe identification


If a guest pays for something through the shop on our website, we get the full product description. However payments from ResDiary only come as a booking reference. 

Can further information be added to the description that we see on our Stripe reporting?

Kind regards,


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Hi Phil,

Thank you for getting in touch with your request for improvement to our Stripe integration.

At the moment, we consider only payments associated with a booking and not the descriptions of the individual payment(s) when sending information to Stripe. This is why we only include a unique identifier of the booking reference.

I appreciate that the software you use for your online shop will probably be passing through meta data of the product description e.g. 'Celebratory Cake' along with the identifier of 'OrderID' and I do understand that at a financial reporting level, this type of information on the item purchased is important to report on e-commerce transactions

I have already included your company as a requester of the development work to improve the information passed through to Stripe and will update you via this feature request forum if any development is planned in this area.

In the meantime, we do have information on Stripe transactions available within ResDiary via the 'Deposits Report' which includes more detailed payment information. Whilst I am sure it would be preferable to report only from within the Stripe dashboard, it may be possible for your accounts team to cross reference this information for reporting purposes.

Kind regards,