Purpose: To see details of your bookings for the coming day

The Running Order report settings can be tweaked to show exactly what is relevant to your operations. 

You can edit this in Settings > Report Settings (here's an article about this setting).

How to see the Running Order Report

This report, as it is very handy, is located on the main diary screen at the top right buttons:

Breakdown of the Running Order

  • You can edit bookings from this screen simply by clicking on the booking
  • If you use bookings codes they will appear with the Table numbers
  • VIPS will appear in Red regardless if the VIP column shows or not
  • You can see what all the icons mean by pressing the 'L' key on your keyboard - in the meantime,  here's a reminder:

Printing the Running Order

First of all, you may want to choose what you want to print by clicking on the Select Services & Areas dropdown:

You can then print by pressing the printer icon:

Please note: If you are using Firefox, you may encounter some issues with the running order. I has been reported and looked into. We strongly recommend using Chrome to view your diary.