What is an Incomplete booking?

An incomplete booking is a booking that has a deposit or credit card requirement but where the diner fails to submit their card details.

Technically within ResDiary we need to create a booking to receive the card or payment token from Stripe (or any other payment gateway). We create these bookings in an incomplete state ie: not rendered on the diary but within the database. When a credit card or deposit is submitted/paid the booking is completed and placed on a table in the diary. In some cases the card/deposit is never submitted and these are referred to as 'incomplete bookings'. 

Note: Customer never receive confirmation of an incomplete booking. Email and SMS confirmations are only sent once the booking is confirmed with the deposit or card submission.

The Bookings Incomplete Report

Allows you to identify incomplete bookings for a date range.

Incomplete Booking Alerts & The Dashboard

Alerts user to the creation of incomplete bookings on the diary and directs users to the dashboard to manage the incomplete bookings.

NB: If you wish to turn off the incomplete booking alert, see the guide here