How to make a booking.

Making a booking couldn't be simpler in ResDiary.

When a customer wants to make a booking the first thing to do is click on the red Book button located on the top right of the page.

A booking form will appear where you can enter all the details of the booking.

On the left are the booking details.  Starting from the top down, select the date, service, number of people and then hit search.  The times available to book will display in blue (if you have promotions set up each promotion will display the times available). 

Unavailable times will appear in red or orange depending on the reason, which will display as to why the booking cannot be made at that time.

Select available time.

On the right hand side are the diner details, fields in blue are required fields to complete the booking, these options may differ depending on your restaurant.  Here you can add customer notes, such as dietary requirements, customer preferences, etc.  These will display every time this diner books.

Other options here include adding a booking note, which can include things such as special requests, special occasions, etc.

Once the booking has been completed, it will appear in the diary and the customer will be sent a confirmation email.

All done!