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Suggest that tables can removed fro online booking system without creating a new Area


My team & I use the grid view for reservations. All of my team are well versed in moving & rearranging the table plan in that regard.  I understand that you can currently make a table a phantom table therefore removing it from the online avenue for reservations.  However, it also removes it from the list of tables when using the "book" button. It is still available as a join & there is also a bug that currently allows you to drop & drag the bookings onto the phantom table. 

Although I would suggest that once you remove this feature, as I have been informed that this will be getting fixed, that an option to select individual table tops as UNBOOKABLE through online avenues but is still be able to be booked in house if necessary.  

For instance, one table that I have, I would only like to keep as a join on a regular basis (A table for two with another two) but also have the ability that if necessary I can split the table for two twos.  Only to be able to be achieved in house not through the online processes. 

I know that you can create a new area which the table is still available for joins but unavailable for online bookings. However, I would like to keep the table on the regular grid that my bookings team are used to rather than dropping it into an area below away from the rest of the tables.

Is this something that you can do on the table management section in settings?  

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