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Multiple price points within a promotion

Hi Team

Was looking for this feature request, couldn't find it, so started a new one.

Would be great if we could have multiple pre-paid price points within a promotion.

For example, ability to add a member price, general price, teen price, child price within the one promotion. Then the customer could drop down select the number of each and make a pre-payment. 

This would be extremely beneficial for our accounts, particularly over event periods, where they like to maximise the integration with Stripe.



Table Plus Team

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Hi Team

Any insight to this being something possible through ResDiary?

With Christmas coming up and different price points per person (adults, teens, children, infants) this is definitely something that restaurants would greatly benefit from. 

We have had a number of requests for this :)



We'd be very keen to see this as well.  Has there been no update on any possibility of this?

Hi Team

Could you please let us know if this is something that is on the development road map for this year? 

We have some restaurants planning for Christmas and other events this year that have multiple price points and are wanting to know whether they can plan to use ResDiary for this.

Would appreciate an update, 

Thank you


For this feature to still not be actioned after a year of Rochelle posting it is pretty poor, especially because there are so many platforms out there that allow this feature. I have to outsource this or manually do it.

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