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Calendar View/ Weekly View

Would be great to have a calendar view, monthly or weekly, which shows upcoming bookings for the week, as well as events, as if you are looking a paper calendar so when a client is looking to book a function, you can easily, clearly and immediately see what is available. Thanks!

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This would be a great feature. You can see total bookings in a calendar, though this can be done in the Bookings Report, having it in a calendar view will be easy on the eyes.

Or simply create another view (table plan, grid, running order, monthly planner)

Any easy enhancement code be to modify the calendar date selector drop down so that it only shows 1 month (instead of 2), and make it bigger so that you can include a total covers for each day on the calendar

Definitely some value in this suggestion..  it would be awesome to see a monthly view displaying total covers for each service each day so you can see at a glance to assist with planning HR etc

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