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Promotions vs Areas

Hi, I've got a quick question about Promotions vs Areas. The documents say promotions are a great way of offering different seating areas but is this the best way? It seems to be vastly overcomplicating things? Why not just set up areas and then people can select the area?

If you use promotions and have one promotion per area, then you have to ensure the allow-user-to-select-area option is unticked for the booking widget otherwise they select an area and are then presented with the promotions selection page which just has the single promotion for the seating area they've already selected!

Then, if you also wanted to have, say, a Valentines promotion and you made it available to all seating areas, the user would first get the option to select an area (bar, garden) and then, on the next page, would have two options - the bar/garden they'd already chosen and also the 'valentines' promotion which is likely to just confuse them..

Is it just me or is Promotions *not* the best way to allow people to select an area? Areas are? Am I misunderstanding something?

Forgive me if I'm being daft, I've just adopted an existing Resdiary setup and am trying to make sense of it and whether it's set up in the best way..


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Also, how can I remove a custom logo from a widget? There's no option to do so?

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