What is it all about?

Its all about providing your diners with an excellent booking and dining experience so that you can turn them into repeat visitors and maximize their worth to your business.


Business Benefits

  • Highlight VIP's so that you can take their bookings, greet, seat and serve them according to their importance to your business.
  • Highlight 1st Time Visitors so that you can ensure their 1st impression is excellent and they turn into repeat visitors.


How it Works

Enable the 1st time visitor indicator via:

  • Settings
  • Interface Settings
  •  Diary Settings: Show First Time Visitor indicator (Tick Box) Save Settings.

The diary will automatically recognise when a booking is a first time visit for the profile used to book

A 1st time visit will be tagged on the booking and in the booking summary


Tag a profile as VIP via the Diner Details section during the booking process, or via the customer profile.

A VIP customer will be highlighted with a star on all subsequent bookings.