The Cancellation List

What is the cancellation list used for?

The cancellation list is a list of all bookings that were once booked on a particular date which have now been cancelled. It is used to quickly and easily find cancelled booking, check the history and re-seat diners. 


Business Benefits

  1. Allows FOH staff to respond to cancelled booking inquiries quickly and efficiently.
  2. Allows Restaurant Managers a simple way to check the cancelled booking for a day and drill down into the history of the bookings. 
  3. Allows you to see the reason why the booking was cancelled.

How Cancellation List works

All bookings that were once on the day are simple added to the cancellation list when a user cancels there a booking. To get the most out of your cancellation list you should ensure that your cancellation types are configured.

Please view our video here on how to cancel a booking, view your cancellation list (for each day) and then how to re seat a cancelled booking: