Settings - Diary Configuration

Last Minute Booking Alert

There is flashing bell symbol which can show in the diary to alert you to recently made bookings.

It is a visual cue that will allow your reservations team to be aware of new bookings.

To set the behavior of this function or disable this;

  • Go to 'Settings' - Diary Configuration - 'Interface Settings '
  • Scroll to the section 'Expected Arrivals Settings'
  • Under the heading 'Last Minute Booking Alerts' choose to apply to 'Internal' / 'Online' bookings.
  • Beside the section 'Highlight bookings today made in the last 'x' minutes' enter the timeframe of recently
  • made bookings that you would like to be alerted to. (default is 60 mins)
  • Complete any changes by selecting 'Save Settings'

This will now show the flashing bell icon within;

  • Expected arrivals
  • Grid
  • Running Order

If you wish to acknowledge a newly created booking and stop the bell showing, double click on the bell icon archive the alert double click the icon against the booking on the expected arrivals list.