Expected Arrivals

What the Expected Arrivals Used For?

 The 'Expected Arrivals list is used to help your reception staff seat the diners who are expected next. The list interacts with the Diary (when set to the 'Arrivals' view) and Table Plan screens to provide a clear indication of what is going on on the restaurant floor.


Business Benefits

  1. Quickly identify the next guests expected.
  2. Clearly see late bookings that may cause a problem.
  3. Clearly identify bookings that are waiting in bar, partially seated and seated.
  4. Filter the list to meet your present needs.
  5. Sort the list to help you respond to situations quickly and easily.



Bespoke Settings

There are a number of bespoke settings that allow the Expected Arrivals List to be tailored to the way you run your restaurant. These can be found at:

Settings> Settings> Interface Settings: Expected Arrivals Settings

Some Key settings to note are:

  • Show 1st Time Visitor Indicators 
  • Show Company Name in preference to first name
  • Show Lastminute Bookings Alerts
  • Expand Automatically.


The W8List allows you to handle walk-ins at peak times. It will cleverly allocate walk-ins, avoiding conflict with pre-booked reservations. 

To add a guest to the W8list, click on the 'Q' button, enter the time quoted to the guest, enter their details, then 'Complete'. 

The diner will appear on the W8List, where you can perform a number of actions:

  • Edit W8List booking
  • Send message to guest informing them their table is ready
  • Seat walk-in
  • Convert to a booking

The system can alert customers when a table is ready, and give diners a chance to accept their table. These notifications are customizable, and the restaurant can choose whether they are sent via SMS or email within W8List Settings.

W8List Settings

To choose or adjust how you would like to send notifications to diners, go to Settings > W8List Settings.

Here you can choose either SMS or Email notifications, and the number of minutes before the booking gets automatically marked as a No Reply/No Show. 

Staff will also receive alerts in the booking window when W8List is in operation to ensure waitlist bookings aren't overlooked for new walk-ins. 

Standby List

How to create a standby:

1) Click on the book button
2) Select services/date etc
3) Press search
4) Select the Standby Tab

5) Select the time for the standby

6) Enter your customer's information

7) Press button at the bottom right

Viewing the Standby List

Your standbys are located on the diary date under the  icon. The number represents how many bookings are on the standby list for that day.

When you click on the standby button it will show you the bookings:

Moving a booking from Standby to Diary

When viewing your bookings - click on the icon to check the booking in. 

This will open up the usual booking process window.