Is your ResDiary not running as fast as it should?

Follow this guide below on how to optimise your diary speed...


Is it your Internet Speed?

ResDiary relies on a good internet connection. 

Not only is download speed important - but upload speed is just as vital.

Your upload speed will determine how quickly your information is sent to ResDiary. 

Do a speed test here. 


0-4mps = Not ideal

5-10mps = Slow but steady

11mps+ = Now you're cooking


Is your internet a closed network?

Does your computer use a Wi-Fi network that is shared with the public such as customer Wi-Fi? The more customers - or staff! - logged on to your network, the slower it can be.


What's running in the background?

Some programmes run in the background and are extreme band-with stealers such as Dropbox, Spotify and system updates.

Have a look a your Task Manager (PC) or Activity Monitor (Mac) and cancel any programs unnecessarily running in the background. 


How about your Browser?

We strongly recommend using Google Chrome as your browser. 

Not only do we support it - our developers use it too. It's reliable and powerful.


Make sure your browser is 'Clean' and not cluttered with useless extensions that can steal your band-with.


Disable Plugins

In your browser's address bar enter about:plugins

This shows you all the plugins installed to your browser.

Disable any that aren't necessary.  


Disable Extensions

In your browser's address bar enter about:extensions

This shows you all the plugins installed to your browser.

Bin any that aren't necessary or appear dodgy (i.e. Ka$HNow)


Google Chrome Cleanup Tool

Google has a dedicated cleanup tool to scan and remove the malware and spyware causing problem with Chrome browser. This tool is only available for Windows 7 / 8 / 10 and you can download for free. Scan your PC with this tool and remove the problematic software codes to speedup Chrome.

Clear Browsing History

Over the period of time there will be lots of unnecessary history files accumulated slowing down the browser’s performance. Open the URL commandchrome://settings/clearBrowserData” in the address bar to see “Clear browsing data” popup.

Clear Browsing Data in Chrome

Clear Browsing Data in Chrome

Go to “Advanced” tab and choose “All time” from the dropdown to clear the browsing history from the beginning of browser installation. Click on the “Clear data” button to delete all those browser files which may be causing the slowness.

1. You can also clear browser history from the setting menu “More Tools > Clear Browsing Data…“.

2. You may feel the slowness in loading the page first time after the history is cleared due to cleanup of cookies and CSS. The page loading speed will improv from next time you open the same page.