A recurring closeout is a period of time your diary is closed that reoccurs daily/weekly for a period of time.

For example, closed every Monday to Wednesday between the hours of 09:00 and 17:00, therefore a recurring closeout would be applied to those days for those times.

Please Note: When adding a closeout ensure the closeout times match your interval period settings in the diary. 

For Example, if your diary is set to 15 minute intervals the closeouts must be added at on the hour - 00:00, quarter past - 00:15, half past - 00:30 or quarter to - 00:45. 

If your diary is set to 30 minute intervals the closeouts must be added at on the hour - 00:00 or half past - 00:30.

How to add a recurring closeout

Go to settings - diary configuration - closeouts - add new period

1. Close out a full day or date range

In close-outs, scroll down to the very bottom of the page and click Add New Period

  • Name - Name your closeout and give it a description 
  • Mode - Keep periodic, this allows you to set a date range 
  • From - Date when you'd like this closeout to begin 
  • Until - Date when you'd like it to end (if it's permanent, put it three years in the future)
  • Days of the week - Tick which day(s) you'd like this to apply
  • Type - Common (covers both internal and online) 
  • Colour - choose the colour for this closeout
  • Add Time Interval - ensure this covers from your standard opening time to your standard closing time 
  • Area - select all to close all areas or select a specific area from the drop down menu
  • Click Add to save 


2. Close certain times on a regular basis

This function works well if you close between lunch and dinner, or you don’t want to take any bookings at specific times. To set it up: 


Follow step 1 until Add Time Interval, rather than have the times cover the full day, add the times you want to add closeout to instead, for example closeout between 15:00 and 17:00:

3. Closed only in certain area(s)

Perhaps you don’t want to take bar bookings on a Saturday, or you close the mezzanine on Thursday? 

Follow step 1 until Area, select the area you want to apply the closeout to, click Add to save

You can only add one area at a time. If you'd like to apply the closeout to another area, edit the same closeout and add another time interval applying it to another area:


4. Close online bookings only  

If you only want to block out only online bookings for any of the above options, at Mode select online:

Please Note - 'Message to customers' is an old feature and is no longer in use.

Please view a video walk through below: