As bookings tend to change in size, you may still want to keep them seated on the same table but increase/decrease the cover size.

This will let you keep your booking figures fully accurate but won't require any re-shuffling of your diary.

How to increase the cover size 'On the Fly'

This can be easily done however is only possible from within the grid view;

Click on the cover size box

Select the upwards or downwards arrows

Select the tick box

NOTE: If the booking is booked on a promotion and you up the covers on the fly then those extra covers will NOT be included in your promotion count.

User permissions

As this is a quick way to increase/decrease booking size without checking for availability, you might only want senior members of the team to be permitted to do this. You can change a user's permissions via settings - security and user permissions - user management - users:

Click setup against the user

In the first tab administrator privileges, untick override table/join capacity

If you wish the user to be given this privilege on the day of service only, tick allow to override table/join capacity on the current day only