Promote - Online Facilities - Manage Booking Channels

There are two types of channels available.

Preset Channels

These are global channels that can be used when an agreement has been made to offer availability via a 3rd Party booking site such as 'Itison' or ''

Private Channels

You can create your own custom channels that will be for private use to channel bookings to your restaurant or restaurant group.

Both options offer the advantages of; 

  • Identifying the source of converted booking e.g. 'Itison'
  • Channeling specific online availability to a separate or hidden part of a website. 
  • Tracking converted bookings via a channel report. 
  • Distribution exclusive offers via an email marketing campaign and channeled promotions. 
  • Enabling membership settings to prompt for member ID's or codes on a private members channels.

Create a new channel in a few easy steps. Go to

  • Promote
  • Online Facilities
  • Manage Booking Channels 
  • Select 'Add

*Please note, if you cannot see the option for 'Manage Booking Channels' you will need to check the menu items accessible via the 'Users' section. Please see guide here

  • Name the channel (this will auto-generate a CODE)
  • Pick a colour to associate to the channel
  • Click the tick icon to save


How to add your code to your booking widget

Build your Widget Configurator by following the below steps:

  • Promote
  • Widget Configurator 
  • Create New Theme
  • Select your new Channel from the 'Channel Code' drop down menu
  • Design widget as usual (more on this here)

    save image

Channel Reporting

You can report on channel bookings via either the Booking Report by following this guide or open a weekly channel summary by going to Reports - Dashboard.



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