Table Management - Services

Leave time confirmation is used to inform diners that you require their table back at a certain time. It is a configurable setting that allows you to only inform diners when you have high demand for tables and when you expect to be able to turn and reuse a table.

The configuration can be done uniquely for: 

  • Dates (via Segments
  • Party Size
  • Day of Week
  • Time of Day

Multiple complementary rules can be setup to allow you total flexibility.

Step by Step guide to setting up Leave Time Rules:

  • Go to Settings
  • Services
  • Select the Service you need to edit (ie. the part of the day do you need to add the leave time rule)
  • Select the 'Leave Time Rules' tab at the top
  • Here you can set up the unique booking criterion where the Leave Time Rule will apply, such as minimum and maximum party sizes, day of the week, and time of day:

NOTE:  You may have a leave time rule setup on your service tab also like below:

Calculating the Leave Time:

Leave times are calculated based on the start of the booking visit time and the average time rule which applies to that booking.  For more information on average times click here.  

Tracking bookings with Leave Time Rules:

You can easily see bookings with a leave time in the diary from the Leave Time clock symbol on the booking.

Customer Journey:

If a leave time rule is in place online guests will be notified at the bottom of the ResDiary Widget before they book, as well as in their confirmation email (default settings).

TIP: To test how the leave time on your email confirmation, make a test booking with your email address so you receive a confirmation email.

Internally if a leave time rule applies users have to acknowledge the leave time before the booking can be made. Hosts should notify guests of the leave time at the point of booking and guests will also be notified in the confirmation email (default settings).