What are Rules used for?

Resdiary created Rules so that restaurant managers can rest assured, knowing that the right decisions are made to maximize profit while protecting the quality of service. There are two types of rules:

1. Covers per table[s] restrictions which ensure that tables of specific sizes are booked with the maximum numbers of covers thus ensuring the profitability of peak periods.

2. Table size by time restrictions which ensure that large party bookings are only taken at the times that the kitchen and front of house staff can manage them and other guests in the correct manner.


Business Benefits

  • Never under sell larger tables when there is customer demand and maximize the covers booked per table.
  • Fill larger tables during shoulder times and maximize the covers booked per table per service.
  • Restrict larger tables form being booked a specific times of your choice.
  • Allow senior staff members to make sensible judgement and over ride the system restrictions.


How to create a Rule

Go to Settings - Table Management - Rules - edit or create new rule


"Covers per table(s)" restrictions

These rules can be applied to any tables size and allow a minimum number of covers bookable by segment by service by say of the week and by time slot.

Example 1:

This rule means that Resdiary only allows bookings of 3 or more covers at tables with a capacity of 4 on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. (i.e. 1-2 guests can't book a tables for 4 or more).

By creating a cascade of rules all table sizes can be protected and thus never undersold by accident.


 No 2's on 4'

Example 2:

This rule means that Resdiary only allows bookings of 5 or more covers at tables with a capacity of 6 (or more) during peak times. (i.e. 1-4 guests can't book a tables for 6 or more).

5 or more on a 6 top during peak times only




Table size by time restrictions (or 'Maximum booking size' restrictions)

This type of rule allows you to block larger parties from booking online/internally or via both channel at key times on certain days. 

Example 3:

The rule below means Resdiary does not allow parties of 7+ guests to book at peak/busy times (7-8pm on Fri/Sat). Only internal users with the correct permissions can book a large party during these time slots (and large parties are therefore forced to book out with the peak 'middle of service' time slots by default.



3.  Make sure the rule is only applied (ticked) for the time you want it to be enforced (in this example 19:00-20:00 on Fridays and Saturdays) and that all other times (where you don't mind parties of 7+ booking) are not ticked:

Rules Exceptions

Allow you to apply a one off 'exception' to a general rule by date/service

To remove a rule from a date or service go to the date on your main diary screen and press the tool icon top right and select "Rules Exceptions":

Select the service you want to remove the rules from for this date, then click the green circle to change it to red and disable:

This rule will not longer be in place on your chosen date only for the service (the rule is still in place on all other days/services it had been applied to generally).