Do you have a large party coming in and you want to make sure they get the entire area to themselves?

When making a Complete Area booking making sure to select:

  • Area: Whichever Area you want the booking to go
  • Type: Complete Area 
  • enter the date/time/covers
  • Press Search

Why is it saying "No Availability for your Current Search"?

The area you have selected might not support for this size of covers

    • Go to Settings > Restaurant Areas > Edit the Area > Increase the Maximum Covers to support this maximum size

Can I book the entire Restaurant for one booking?

There is no one click option for this. 

You would:

  • Make a complete area booking as above
  • Then use you close outs to close off the other areas (see this guide on One Off close outs) or create a temporary table join for that one booking by following this guide