Do you want to stop online bookings for just a one-off date-range? Here's how to do it: 

1) Create a Periodic Close out

Go to Settings - Close Outs - Add New Period 

Name - add the close out's name for your reference 

Internal Description - only you and your staff can see this - give a bit more information about the close out so you remember what its there for

Message to Customers - this doesn't display as of yet, so you can ignore this 

Mode - Periodic 

Date Range - Select the date range for which you wish the diary to be closed for bookings

Days of the Week - Select the days of the week you wish to be closed for (if you are to be closed every day across the date range, just pick all 7 days!)

Type - Common (applies both online and internally)

Colour pick a colour that will distinguish this close out from any others. Again it makes it easier to identify on the diary!

Add Time Interval - make sure this covers from your opening to closing times (ie closes the diary for books all day)

Area - All 

Click Add and you're done 

2) Exception Date

Go to Settings - Restaurant Details - Other Details - Booking 

Under Online Settings, you'll find the Except Dates section  

Add in your dates

Click Create Exception

Remember to Save at the bottom of the page!

You can also remove exceptions by pressing the x next to the date