When Stripe is connected to your diary you can dictate that card details are required to secure a booking via a particular promotion allowing you to secure your bookings.

Business Benefits

  • Protect your business from late cancellations and no shows
  • Card details are stored in a PCI-compliant manner
  • Secure bookings for special events and key dates
  • Set and communicate your cancellation and no-show policies in a clear manner
  • Alert users to cancellations
  • Allow key staff the right to charge cards when a guest has broken your policy.

How to attach card details required to a promotion

First, you will need to set up Stripe following this guide.

Go to promote promotions - edit the promotion you want to request card details for - on the info tab (first tab) under payment/card details, in the drop-down change to credit card details required - save:

If you require to create a new promotion see this guide on how to create a basic promotion


Check if it works by making a test booking. Don’t worry you don’t have to complete it. Just get to the step below where it warns you card details are required.

Video Walk hrough