In order to track every page with Facebook’s pixel on ResDiary widget, first you have to set up Google Tag Manager.

1.  Create Google Tag Manager Account

Sign up using this link


After the sign up you will receive your GTM code

Within that code, you will see your GTM ID which looks something like GTM-MN9ZCV. Copy this ID and paste it into the diary.

Diary -> Settings > Reservations > Widget and Portal Tracking  -> and paste it into the field shown below.




Click Save.




2.  Generate Facebook’s Conversion-tracking pixels code

On Facebook select managed adverts and select the account you are managing.

At the top of you Adverts Manager you should see this menu.

Select 'Pixels' from the menu.

You will be prompted with the step by step guide on how to generate a pixel. Follow the guide.

Once you have you pixel generated you will be presented with a similar type of code snippet.

Copy the code, you'll need it in a minute.

3.  Adding the tracking to Google Tag Manager

In Google Tag Manager navigate to Container -> Tags -> Click New

Select Custom HTML Tag and paste the conversion code you just generated.

Click Continue

Click All Pages.

Click Save Tag. 

Make sure you click Publish on the top right corner for the tag to work.

You should be able to see the data coming into your facebook Facebook account.

If you are looking to set up confirmed bookings as conversions on your Facebook campaigns, please follow this guide.