Our Hospitality Team are happy to import your future bookings into your new ResDiary system and we have a import tool to make this process quick and easy.

If you are a Bookatable customer, you can view the short video below or follow the simple instructions to export your future bookings in the correct format.

1. Log in to your BookaTable account as normal

2. Select 'Insight' from the Top Menu

3. In the 'Report' section on the left handside, click the drop-down menu and choose 'Detailed Booking Export'

4. In the 'Data Display' section on the right hand side, click the 'Date' drop-down menu and select 'Next Month'. 

You will notice that BookaTable unfortunately don't allow for reporting for periods longer than one month, so you would need to repeat this action for several months in the future.

5. Now click on 'Export'

6.  Once you have exported reports for as many months as you need, please make sure to add all your future bookings to the same .csv file. 

Please refer to the sample CSV file attached and make sure that all details are copied and pasted into the relevant columns. 

7. Save the .cvs file to your Desktop and then email it over to support@resdiary.com 

Please allow up to 5 working days for these to be uploaded.

Welcome to ResDiary!