Once bookings are placed in your diary using the preset table join combinations you may find that a re-shuffle is required.

During service, you needn't edit the booking and re-search for the preferred new table combination or drag and drop bookings on the grid.

You can instead quickly change tables from your expected arrivals list where you will also have the option to nominate a 'Temporary Join' 

This can be helpful when;

  • Adjusting the table used for one of your bookings 
  • Seat a booking across a combination of tables that wouldn't normally be used 
  • Re-ordering your diary for future dates without adding to your set table joins.

To assign a booking to any chosen table(s);

  1. Look to your expected arrivals list on the right hand side of your diary
  2. Identify the booking you wish to amend
  3. Click directly on the table icon in blue (this will present you with the existing table(s) used) 
  4. You can then remove the selected table using the 'x' icon or simply select additional tables by typing table numbers or choosing from the drop down.
  5. If choosing a new combination of tables that isn't part of your normal setup, then choose the combination and then tick the 'Temporary' box 
  6. Once you select confirm the table will move straight away and if using the temporary join this will be used once only i.e. not available for any future bookings.