Terms and Conditions 

Your venue Terms and Conditions and privacy policy can be added in the settings section of your diary, please see guidance and video on how to configure this.

How to add your Terms and Conditions

  • Settings
  • Terms & Conditions/Privacy Policy
  • There are 4 dropdown options when you click ‘’create new’’ see below:

Widget and Dish Cult (Booking) - T+Cs added here will be seen by your customers when making a reservation online and they will need to agree to these in order to make a reservation. 

Vouchers - T+Cs added here will be seen during the online voucher purchase flow. These too will need to be agreed to by the customer when purchasing a voucher. 

Our terms and conditions - These will sync to your customer facing booking confirmation emails that get sent to customers once they make a booking. Please note this will only work if you have the correct token added to your confirmation email.  To check this please email support@resdiary.com 

Custom - these are not visible anywhere, and are just a place for you to have policies on file internally.

Please see a video guide here:

How to adjust your Terms and Conditions

  • Settings
  • Terms & Conditions/Privacy Policy

Privacy Notice/Policy 

A Privacy Notice is a legal statement that specifies how a business processes the personal data it collects.  Please find example Privacy Policy here.

You can find ResDiary Privacy Policy here.

How to adjust your Privacy Notice/Policy

  • Settings
  • Terms & Conditions/Privacy Policy
  • Navigate to the second tab called ‘’privacy policy’ and click create new. 
  • Add your policy 
  • save.

Retention Period

Consent for processing data doesn’t last forever. A diner's personal information is retained for the purposes of making a booking and, if diners opt in, marketing. In the case of making a booking, it can only be used for a limited time, so restaurants must ensure they have a retention period in place.  

How to edit your Retention Period; 

  • Promote
  • Customer Contact 
  • Privacy Settings 
  • Customer Data Retention Settings 
  • Set the length of time in {MONTHS} e.g. '24' in the text field 
  • Click Save 
  • A warning message will appear saying - BE CAREFUL, you will be deleting all the customer data that has not been used for the xx months, this will result in bookings without customer details. This is used according to the GDPR law, if you're not sure please contact customer support first
  • Click 'Yes' to confirm  

    Please note when you pull a booking report or see customer details on the diary saying 'customer deleted' this is due to the profile being deleted due to your retention period. 

More information can be found in our Data Retention solution 

Email Notifications
If you wish to add details of your Terms and Conditions, Privacy Notice/Policy and Retention Period to your email notifications please do email your requirements to support@resdiary.com and we can adjust at your written request.