Incomplete bookings alert

ResDiary will record internally made bookings only which reached a confirmation page where payment or card details are required but the browser was unexpectedly closed. Bookings go incomplete for one of two reasons:

1 - An internal booking is being made, all details have been added, all that is left to do is click ''complete'', however, the user selects ''cancel'' instead. This booking will be marked as incomplete. 

2- A booking is made internally and the booking requires card details or a deposit to secure it. The venue then triggers this request to the customers via Secure/Stripe Landing Page Email. Customers will have a set amount of time to provide the card details/ payment. An hour before this time frame is up, the customer will be sent a reminder email.
If the customer then ignores this email, they will be sent a cancellation email and the booking will go ''incomplete''.

This allows you to recover the customer and booking details entered and complete the booking process where required.

How to stop the alert from showing

To stop the alert showing you can either mark each booking on the list as read or disable the alert altogether.

To do this, follow the steps below;

Marking as read

  1. Go to Reports
  2. Incomplete Bookings 
  3. On the right hand side click on 'add report' 
  4. Filter the infirmation you are looking for
  5. Run report
  6. In the 'read status' column, select 'Mark as Read'

Switching off the alert

  1. Go to 'Settings' > 'Interface Setting'
  2. Scroll to the section titled 'User Settings'  
  3. Untick the option 'Display Incomplete Booking Notifications (requires access to Dashboard)