A default set of reasons for cancellation are included in your diary which can help you report/monitor cancellations in more detail.

These are available to modify as required and various actions can be automated upon selection.

To add a new cancellation reason;

  1. Go to 'Settings' > 'Cancellation Types'
  2. Click 'Create New Reason'
  3. Enter the description
  4. Tick the box depending on whether you want the reasons applied to 'Standard Bookings', 'Events', or 'W8List Bookings'
  5. 'Block Customer' -choosing this option will have the cancellation reason selected also block the customer
  6. 'Appear In No Show Report' - you can choose to have the reason selected result in the customer appearing in the no show report.
  7. 'Display Online' - For guests cancelling online, they can be presented with a choice of cancellation reason. (see below)