Once you have configured event enquiry settings (guide here) you will be ready to add your first enquiry.

From the diary;
  1. Click the icon for 'Event Enquiries'
  2. Click 'Create New Event'
  3. Enter customer name, email or number to search your database. If no record exists, select 'New Customer' and complete all relevant and required fields.
  4. Click 'Register Customer'
  5. Select the 'Venue' , 'Date', 'Time from' and 'Time until' and number of guests. The 'Area' is optional.
  6. An 'Event Type' , 'Event Value' and 'Event Comments' can be added but are not required.
  7. At this point you can choose to toggle on the 'Send event enquiry email' (de-selected as default), see below;

  8. If you are ready to create a booking in the diary for the event, click 'Create Event and Check Availability' if not, select 'Create Event'

Please see a guide here on creating a new event;

Please see a guide here on managing an event;


Please see a guide here on the events list;