ResDiary has the ability to add reminder to a specific booking. For example, a reminder to call to pay the deposit or to get the customer's food order.

How to Add a Reminder

1) Either make a booking or edit a current booking.

2) In the booking screen you will see a reminders box:

3) This will then pop up the reminder box:

4) Select the date you want the reminder for

5) Enter your message (only you and staff will see this)

6) Press Save and complete the booking as normal

How to View & Edit Reminders

Reminders will show under the  icon on the date they are due.

If it is overdue - it will show everyday until re-tasked or completed.

The number reflects how many reminder there are for that date.

Clicking on this button shows all your reminders:

The edit icon will allow you to change the due date or message:

The check icon will complete the reminder and it will disappear from the diary