Please see steps below on how to create a new user and changing a users permission access:

To create a new user profile:

  1. Go to Settings > 'Security and User Permissions - User Management - Users 
  2. Click 'Create User'
  3. Continue to enter the user's name
  4. Add their email address which will be their username
  5. Type the password and then once again to confirm
  6. Select the user permission level by choosing from the 'Group' dropdown menu.
  7. If you are part of a restaurant group you can also choose to grant access to all sites or only specific ones
  8. Complete the user setup by clicking 'Save'
Remember that email addresses need to be real! 

To change the group the user belongs to and permissions:

Go to settings > Security and User Permissions> user management > users, you will find a list of all of your current users. 

Click the blue ''setup'' button next to the user in question to change their permissions. 

Simply tick a permission to award this functionality to this user or untick a permission to revoke access to a given feature. Just be sure to press save at the bottom of the page to save your changes. 

Alternatively, if you click the edit icon next to a user, you can add this user to a new group of permissions. 

Once again, just be sure to press save when you have completed your desired changes. 

Once a user refreshes their screen or logs out and back in to the system, they will be able to see the changes in their access level.