Table joins are used to join 2 or more tables together to allow you to book larger bookings. Table joins should be added to allow internal staff users and online customers to book larger tables.

For example, if your largest table can accommodate a party of 6 and you want to seat a booking for 8, the diary will return a no availability message because there is no table join in place to accommodate a party of 8. Adding a table join for the table of 6 with a table of 2 will allow the booking of 8 to be booked. 

Table Management - Table Joins

To add table joins go to settings - table management - table joins - select the segment if applicable - choose your tables from the selected tables dropdown. Update the capacity - press add new chain to save.

Repeat the process until your table joins are added.

Please Note: We advise adding every table join combination to the diary. This will open the diary to accurately calculate the availability. When you activate your online settings you have the option to set the maximum party size for online bookings (eg. no larger than a table of 8 online). This means that online customers will not be able to automatically book the larger joins you create leaving these for you and your team to book internally.