What do table joins do?  

They are essential you your diary set up. Table joins help the system calculate accurate availability results. They let ResDiary know all possible combinations of tables so you never miss a booking. 

All your commonly-used table joins should be set up so internal staff users and online customers can book on larger table spaces that only exist when you individual tables are used together.

Note: You must add table joins up to the maximum single table party size you would take. When you put your diary online for bookings (in Settings>>Online Settings) you have the option to set the maximum party size for online reservations (eg. no larger than a table of 8 online). This will mean that online customers won't be able to automatically book the larger joins you create but you will need them added to take big bookings internally.

Gaining access

  • This feature is only usually available to Managers. If you don't have access to this and need to alter a table join, please contact your Manager. 
  • To access the table joins page, use the Magic Search, or go to "Settings - Table Joins" and select the appropriate segment. 

Adding joins 

  • Choose your tables from the Selected Tables dropdown. Update the capacity. 
  • Bear in mind you might want to edit the total capacity if you'll add chairs at the end of the tables, or you lose seats depending on where the table is. 

Updating join capacity

  • If you need to update an existing join, click on the capacity of the table below, or hit "All" to bring up every join. 
  • Under "Actions", click "Edit". From here, you can edit the capacity. 
  • From here, you can also edit the ranking of the tables by clicking on the left-hand column and dragging and dropping.