Reservations - Customer Codes

Tag your customer special interests.

To add a customer code follow the below steps:

  • Settings
  • Customer Codes
  • Add
  • Add your customer code
  • Add

How to Add a customer code during booking

During the booking process you can add in the customer code in the right hand side by clicking on the customer code box:

View a Customer Code

You can view Customer codes in the Running Order View:

Tip: You can edit what columns the Running order shows by following this guide 

To pull a customer code report follow the below steps:

  • Reports
  • Booking report 
  • Click on the 'booking details' tab at the top left hand side
  • On the right hand side filter the information you require
  • Make sure you add a filter for 'customer code' 
  • Select the customer code options you want to run the report for
  • Run report