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Making it easier to select Promotions in the NBP

This has been discussed for over 10 years. We really need better UX/UI for the restaurant to be able to select the various promotions on offer. Scrolling is unhelpful, as it doesn't let you know what promotions are on offer and cumbersome to actually do. Really should be similar to the UX/UI of ResDiary Plus. Almost all my accounts have multiple promotions, used for different areas, menus, Beach experiences. I have a beach club with more than 15 beachclub experiences, so it very tricky for them.

Attached is an image from 2015 and one of our Sales Decks, highlighting the upcoming update to the NBP process, and how it would show Promotions, not perfect but a lot better, RD+ UX/U  i would be best.

Somehow never made the final cut!

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