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Decline List for Standby List Bookings

One of our ResDiary Accounts would like to add in a Decline List Tab, just beside the Standby List Tab. The Decline list is for them to add in how many covers they have declined / turned away on a daily basis because they are fully booked or the table allocation was not set up to its full potential.

The decline list would also allow the restaurant to choose a reason for declining such as 'Guests went to different restaurant', 'Fully Booked', 'Illness', etc just like the cancellation reasons.

This data will help them understand how many covers are lost and what they can do in the future to accommodate all of it.

Please let me know if this is possible and looking forward to hearing back from the team.

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Data collected to include 

  • Date and time of inquiry
  • User Name
  • Party Size
  • Decline Reason (Fully Booked, No suitable table configuration, Closed for Event, Closed, Closed due to unscheduled power Shut Down. Do not want suggested time of reservation, may also be part of settings for each restaurant to add in their own possible reasoning)
  • There is no need to ask for guest name and contact details
  • This should be allowed for Reporting and Data Import in Excel

A Standby List reservation should also be able to be moved to Decline List, should guest not be able to be accommodated.

Hope this can be highly considered as we need to understand how many guests we turn away.

Data collected can also be used whenever we have an unscheduled power shut down to claim for insurance.

Thank you!

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