Expected Arrivals

What the Expected Arrivals Used For?

 The 'Expected Arrivals list is used to help your reception staff seat the diners who are expected next. The list interacts with the Diary (when set to the 'Arrivals' view) and Table Plan screens to provide a clear indication of what is going on on the restaurant floor.


Business Benefits

  1. Quickly identify the next guests expected.
  2. Clearly see late bookings that may cause a problem.
  3. Clearly identify bookings that are waiting in bar, partially seated and seated.
  4. Filter the list to meet your present needs.
  5. Sort the list to help you respond to situations quickly and easily.


How it works Video 


Bespoke Settings

There are a number of bespoke settings that allow the Expected Arrivals List to be tailored to the way you run your restaurant. These can be found at:

Settings> Settings> Interface Settings: Expected Arrivals Settings

Some Key settings to note are:

  • Show 1st Time Visitor Indicators 
  • Show Company Name in preference to first name
  • Show Lastminute Bookings Alerts
  • Expand Automatically.