What is Table Ranking for?

Table ranking is one of the means by which Resdiary can ensure that you get maximum use out of your tables and seat them in the order your management would prefer.

Resdiary will always place a booking of 2 on a table 2 but table ranking is used to determine which table is sat first. This means that you can save tables that join together with other tables thus keeping your options open or seating certain preferred tables last. Table ranking also allows a table to be completely removed from the search so that they can be saved for VIP's.

Business Benefits

  • Increase covers by saving table that join so that you can always accept larger parties.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by ensuring less desirable tables are sat last.
  • Always have a VIP table available for when you need it.

How Table Rankings Work

The Table Rankings features are only accessible by users with access rights at Settings> Table Rankings.

It is a segment specific section.

Video Tutorial